Shredder Machines

SHREDDER COMFORT 250 (2x2.2 kW) - single section

The two-rotor SHREDDER COMFORT 250 (referred as DK250) is one of the smallest members of the Shredder Technology machines. Due to its space-saving size and affordable price, it will find application wherever a reducing and ecological solution for handling waste is sought. The ideal combination of costs and efficacy of the DK250 guarantees savings in further waste management.

It is necessary to remind that we can reduce the original volume of waste up to 80% by crushing.


- to smaller production operations and companies,

- for small furniture, carpentry, small carpentry center for crushing particle boards, wood chips, wood shavings, small wooden boxes,

- for wineyards to crushtwigs,

- for gardeners to crush biological waste and improve the quality of compost,

- for companies that generate limited amounts of paper waste (cardboard, packaging, paper shredding),

- for companies that generate mixed metal, plastic or rubber waste (containers from paints, thinners or other chemicals, plastic containers, packaging, films, bottles, boards, profiles, etc.).


Electrical control

Contactors are replaced by frequency converters with PLC that quarantee:

- Saving electricity,

- Smooth startup and shutdown which do not overload but save electrical network,

- Smooth start and finish which has an impact on lifetime of electrical transmissions,

- Gears are not being destroyed, no hard collisions,

- In cooperation with the frequency converter, it is possible to regulate the revolutions on the shafts (to regulate the thickness of the fraction to a certain extent),

- Network interference with other devices is minimal.

Flat electrical gearboxes

- They ensure quiet operation and high power transmission,

- Electricity consumption of this shredder running idle is 1,8 kW, electricity consumption when reloading is 4,4 kW,

- Performance when crushing particleboard is from 250-350 kg/hour.

Crushing gears

- Electro-erosive production of crushing gears ensures high service life, precision and easy replacement,

- If one crushing gear is damaged it is not necessary to dismantle the device, but a simple way to replace the crushing gear is sufficient.

Crusher support stand

- The metal construction is adapted to the dimensions of the europallet.

Possibility to order suction

- it is possible to order saw dust extraction for the crusher, which reduces dust in production.


overall size of the device (LxWxH) 150x120x115 cm
size of the crushing chamber 25x25 cm
weight 450 kg
output fraction of crushed material 1,5-2 cm
electrical input 2x2,2 kW
power 300 kg/hodinu
number of shafts 2
torque 1310 Nm

Made in Slovakia!

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