Shredder Machines

CRUSHER COMFORT 250 thick section 4kW

9 500 € excl. VAT

The double-rotor COMFORT 250 CRUSHER (hereinafter - to as DK250) is one of the smallest members of the Shredder Technology. For to its economical size and affordable price, it can be used wherever a gentle and environmentally friendly solution for waste management is sought. The ideal combination of resources and efficiency of the DK250 consequently guarantees savings in further waste management.

It is necessary to recall that the crushed material represents only a small amount compared to the original volume of waste produced. The DK250 can easily handle wooden and plastic crates, plastic or tin cans, buckets, paint containers, thinners and other chemicals. It will also crush several forms of plastic or rubber waste (foils, bottles, boards, profiles, etc.). The dimensions of the crushing material are limited only by the dimensions of the crushing chamber (hole, hopper).

Model DK250 is available in three power variants - 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW and 4 kW. When choosing an individual variant, the hardness of the material, the speed of the crushing itself, and the volumetric impact amount of the crushed material must be considered.

The advantage of the DK250 is its quiet operation, which is ensured thanks to the slow-running method of crushing. Another innovative element is the crushing gearing. It is designed to facilitate maintenance and care during operation. It is not necessary to disassemble or remove the shaft when replacing or grinding. The gears can also be replaced / sharpened individually with common tools.

If the technical parameters of the DK250 are not sufficient, Shredder Technology offers a more powerful twin-rotor crusher KOMFORT 300 from a lower range of crushing technology.

Choosing the right model of crushing technology largely depends on the properties of the material being processed. Therefore, we recommend working closely with qualified Shredder Technology employees, whose expertise will provide you and your company with the most optimal solution.