CRUSHER for processing wood, plastics, pallets and others

Shredder PROFI 500 (33 kW) doble sections

41 000 € excl. VAT

CRUSHER PROFI 500 two-section (hereinafter referred to as DP500-2) of the middle range of crushing technology has a higher electrical input, the larger size of the input hopper offers a wider range of material crushing.

The two-section crusher PROFI 500-2 ensures fine crushing simultaneously in two steps. After coarse crushing, the material passes through an additional shaft with a hammer crushing method, resulting in precisely calibrated chips or sawdust, or granulate, which can be returned to production as a secondary processed raw material. The output fraction can be regulated with an additional sieve.

The electric input for fine crushing is 22 kW, it can be adjusted depending on the required output fraction, the hardness of the material as well as the volumetric output of crushed waste. This unique process of two-section crushing saves considerable costs in operation, in the purchase of crushers as well as space in the production.

To make the work more efficient and to increase the safety of the operator, we recommend to the customers of medium-range crushers customized transport equipment that facilitates feeding, or removal of processed material in operation.


• to larger establishments and companies,

• for crushing soft, hard, dry or wet wood,

• to companies where mixed, plastic, wooden or rubber waste is produced,

• for crushing municipal waste, aluminum or cardboard.


Electric control

Contactors are replaced by frequency converters with PLC, which ensure:

- saving electricity,

- smooth start-up and shutdown, which does not overload and saves the electrical network,

- smooth starting and coasting has an effect on the service life of electric transmissions,

- the gears are not destroyed, there are no hard impacts,

- in cooperation with the frequency converter, it is possible to regulate the revolutions on the crushing shafts (regulate the thickness of the fraction to a certain extent),

- network interference with other devices is minimal.

Flat electric gearboxes

- ensure quiet operation and high power transmission,

- the output of crushed material is 500 kg/hour on average.

Bearings with a hardened surface and a low coefficient of friction

- thanks to them, the failure rate of the device, the necessary shutdown and service are eliminated,

- thanks to the low coefficient of friction, the bearing is very quiet and has a very high efficiency,

- high efficiency maximizes output power. The crusher thus saves energy and thus also the costs of operation.

Crushing gearing

- electroerosive production of grinding gears ensures high durability, accuracy and easy replacement,

- if one tooth is damaged, it is not necessary to dismantle the device, but it is enough to replace the tooth in a simple way,

- the fine fraction is ensured by the hammer crushing method with high revolutions and an additional sieve.

Crusher construction

- it is designed to be strong and durable, to eliminate the possibility of resonance and associated noise,

- during its production, materials are not spared and materials are not even thinned to the limit,

- robust processing eliminates the possibility of resonance and associated noise.

Made in Slovakia!

Choosing the right model of crushing technology largely depends on the properties of the processed material. That is why we recommend working closely with the qualified employees of Shredder Technology, who with their expertise will ensure the most optimal solution for you and your company.

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