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INDUSTRY 500 HORIZONT CRUSHER - crushing 10kW 22kW hammer

36 000 € excl. VAT

INDUSTRY 500 HORIZONT CRUSHER two-section (coarse and fine crushing) 32 kW

The INDUSTRY 500 twin-rotor CRUSHER (hereinafter referred to as DI500) of the medium series of crushing technology has a higher electrical input than the DI400, from 20 kW to 42 kW. The larger size of the inlet hopper offers a wider range of material crushing.

DI500 crush wood (pallets, production waste, plywood, chipboard, wooden furniture, waste in vineyards, orchards), plastic (plastic barrels, PET bottles, PET foil, polystyrene, plastic containers, plastic packaging), metal (metal containers, cans , bicycles, car seats, cabling - Cu, Al, old dishes, scrap metal, metal parts), paper (cardboard, loose paper packaging, bundles of paper, books, office folders, paper tubes, tetrapack packaging), glass (glass bottles, containers , packaging, cups, cosmetics bottles, window glass).

The electrical input of the DI500 can be set from 20 kW to 42 kW depending on the hardness of the material, the speed of the crushing itself, the volume impact amount of the crushed material

The option of a superstructure for fine crushing is also offered by the stronger twin-rotor DI500. After coarse crushing, the material passes through an additional shaft with a hammer crushing method, whereby a precisely calibrated chip or sawdust or granulate is obtained, which can be returned to production as a secondary processed raw material. The output fraction can be regulated by an additional sieve. The electrical input for fine crushing can be set from 15 to 30 kW depending on the required output fraction, the hardness of the material as well as the volume output of the crushed waste. This unique two-section crushing process saves significant operating costs, the purchase of crushers, as well as production space.

The DI500 is designed to be strong and durable to eliminate the possibility of resonance and associated noise. During its production, no materials are saved and no materials are thinned to the stop. Robust processing eliminates the possibility of resonance and associated noise.

The unique concept of the DI500 is SMART crushing technology. Intelligent control is noticeably reflected in the crushing performance, which ensures a larger amount of crushed material compared to crushed material with conventional crushers. Intelligent crushing also eliminates electrical and mechanical shocks, extending the life of the entire device and the stability of the electrical network.

The DI500's above-standard quiet operation involves several factors, such as the use of innovative crushing teeth (ensuring quieter and more efficient crushing), high-quality, surface-hardened bearings with a low coefficient of friction, NORD electric gearboxes with high efficiency and ground gears and solid and robust gears. construction (prevents resonance of the crusher during operation). This is especially appreciated by operations near the residential zone.

Another innovative factor is the DI500 crushing gear. It gained its popularity mainly because it is really quiet and very effective. In case of damage to the crushing teeth, it is also possible to change the individual teeth. The construction of the crusher is designed so that it is possible to change the crushing teeth without the use of special tools. They are easily accessible and can be replaced by any maintenance worker or technician. And with common tools!

When designing the DI500, the correct selection of gearboxes is also taken into account. One of the highest quality electric gearboxes of the German brand NORD is used. The ground gearing of these gearboxes contributes to their high efficiency. This leads to maximizing the output power of the shredder and minimal energy losses. A high-quality shredder drive saves energy and thus your finances, at the same time the entire shredder drive is very quiet. NORD electric gearboxes are characterized by a high operating factor (high overload capacity), which is very important especially in the event of a sharp jamming of the crusher gears.

In addition to high-quality gearboxes, the unique DI500 design is complemented by bearings with a hardened surface and a low coefficient of friction. The hardened surface guarantees long operation without damage. This eliminates equipment failure, downtime and service. Due to the low coefficient of friction, the bearing is very quiet and has a very high efficiency. High efficiency maximizes output power. The shredder thus saves energy and therefore also operating costs.

We recommend customers of medium-range crushers to streamline their work, as well as to increase the safety of the operator with tailor-made transport technology, which will facilitate the feeding, resp. removal of processed material in operation.

If the technical parameters of the DI500 medium crushing technology range are not sufficient, Shredder Technology recommends focusing on the more powerful twin-rotor PROFI 600 CRUSHERS and PROFI 800 CRUSHERS from the higher crushing technology range.

Choosing the right model of crushing technology largely depends on the properties of the material being processed. Therefore, we recommend working closely with qualified Shredder Technology employees, who will provide the most optimal solution for your company with their expertise. Own production also brings a high degree of flexibility. Crushing technology is designed so that it can be easily incorporated into most plants and technologies.

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